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  • Why Vodacom UNI offers?
  • How to get/join UNI offers?
  • Who is eligible to Get UNI offers?
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Why Vodacom UNI offers?

Why Vodacom UNI Offers?

Enjoy being connected while you are at UNI with the Super Network. Vodacom brings you the UNI Registration portal and UNI Offers where you can register and get access to all the great and exclusive offers on special menu for UNI registered students.

Once you are registered dial *149*42# to get all the UNI Offers or access the offers via our website or MyVodacom App.

Hurry and register to get offer of a kind for Tsh2000 with 512MB + 180minutes VODA + 20minutes All-net + 200 SMS for 7 Days, also with great PinduaPindua offers. To learn more about PinduaPindua click the following link PinduaPindua Page.

How to get/join UNI offers?

How to get/join UNI offers?

Simply join by clicking the following website on your mobile phone or desktop.
To register to access UNI Offers is completely FREE or visit our Vodashops for assistance to register.

Who is eligible to Get UNI offers?

Who is eligible to Get UNI offers?

These offers are only available to students registered with NACTE or TCU, and are Fully registered subscribers on our network who qualify to be students.


1. What is UNI Offers?

These are special offers for whitelisted subscribers.

2. Who is eligible for the offers?

The offer is only for students that are registered under TCU or NACTE

3. How can I register?

Please visit our registration website or visit the nearest Vodashop

4. What do I need to register to for the offers?

You will require a valid student id or Nacte id. Students under NACTE will require NACTE ID and other students under TCU or Degree or Post Graduate will need valid student id.

5. Is the offer granted instantly after registering?

You will be informed by SMS when your line has been whitelisted to receive the offer or you can check your status online on the registration website.

6. How much does it cost to be whitelisted with these UNI Offers?

To be whitelisted is completely FREE to access these offers.

Terms & Conditions


By buying bundle you will be deemed to have read, understood and accepted the same:

  1. Eligibility
    a) The Uni bundle shall be applicable to segmented customers.
    b) The bundles will be accessed through our menu *149*42#.
  2. Balance Inquiry:
    The Subscriber can check the balance by dialing *149*60#. No charges apply
  3. Other Terms
    a) Bundles will be accessed through *149*42# product menu, website and MyVodacomApp.
    b) Only whitelisted MSISDN will be able to get the offers
    c) When bundles expire, Pay As You Go (PAYG) Tariffs shall apply.

Vodacom Tanzania Public Listed Company (VTPLC), reserves the right to amend or vary these terms and conditions or to withdraw the product at any time. In any of these events, notice will be effective immediately or as at the date referred in such notifications (communication will be sent in case of any change).

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